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Dog Headstones

It is said that dogs are man's best friend, that they are loyal companions and members of the family. Pets meet us at the front door at the end of a long day, warn us of impending danger and cover us in wet doggie kisses. A beloved dog can be at the heart of many great family memories, which is why it is important to remember them in a special way when they pass away. Some choose to bury their pets in graves, marked with loving dog headstones. These kind of markers can beautify a garden and bring back sweet memories.

When a cherished dog dies, it evokes lots of emotions. Some owners will deny that their pet is gone, because the news is just too painful. Some people get angry and blame anyone or anything they can, searching for answers to explain their loss. They may even blame themselves for the dogs death. They may feel that they didn't heed warning signs that their dog was seriously ill, or that they weren't careful about locking the gate, allowing the dog to escape from the garden and get hit by a car. These are all normal reactions to have.

It is extremely important to acknowledge these common emotions. A wise woman once said something like, all change is loss and all loss is grieved. Having to say goodbye to the family pet is certainly a loss. Once the initial shock wears off, the reasoning process takes over and the brain begins to try to make sense of the event and how to deal with it. Having a place to go to remember special dogs is one idea to help with the grieving period. Pet graves adorned with special stones, plaques or creative dog headstones can help with a place to put the sadness and remember the good times.

When choosing the way to remember furry family members, it is important to do it according to your family's style and personality. In choosing markers or headstones, a family may want to make the words humorous or uplifting. Others may choose dog headstones that read as if the pet were human. To some, there is not a lot of difference. No one can judge how these decisions are made, it is very personal. As an owner or family mourns the loss of their loyal dog, they need to be surrounded by support.