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Dog Memorials

Dog memorials are a good way to help you mourn the loss of a special canine companion. A pet is not just an animal; he or she was a member of your family, and most pet owners find comfort in commemorating their furry friend in some way. Hopefully one of the options here will help you come up with an option that is helpful and meaningful for you. 

There are numerous options available for dog memorials, which can be adjusted to accommodate different tastes and funerary arrangements. Most pet owners choose to bury their companions, though some decide to cremate them or have them preserved by a taxidermist instead. Even if you decide on one of the latter options, it is always possible to get a symbolic grave for your garden or include something inside your house, possibly in a place that is significant to your or your departed pet. 

A marker of some kind is probably necessary if you choose to inter the body in an official pet cemetery. However, even if you decide to bury your pet next to your own garden a nice monument will likely help keep fond memories of your old friend alive. You may opt for a headstone or something simpler, like a smooth river stone carved to include your dog's name, years of birth and death, a brief epitaph, etc. With either choice you will have to work out issues of size, how noticeable it is and other basic issues.

Plaques are another option for dog memorials. Many different choices exist for these too, including ones made of stone or metal, with poems or even pictures of your lost pet. Some plaques could be put on the ground like a gravestone, but here you have several more possibilities to work with. For example, maybe hang the plaque from the trunk of the dog's favorite old tree (especially if he or she is buried nearby), or right above the spot in the corner of your room where he or she used to sleep. You could even keep it on your desk or coffee table where it will be easily available, like the photos of your other loved ones.

Hopefully one of these options will be good for your particular arrangements and personal wishes. Whichever of these various dog memorials you may decide on, we wish you the best in mourning and celebrating your pet.