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Grave Markers for Pets

Are you someone who is dealing with the loss of a pet? Many people don’t know how to deal with the loss of a pet. They might think that they should not be mourning an animal this deeply or that they are over-dramatizing what they are feeling. The truth of the matter is that the loss of a companion animal, whether it is a bird, a dog, a cat, a lizard or a gerbil, can be traumatic. This can be especially heartbreaking for young children. If you are looking for a way to commemorate the presence of your pet in your life, consider what grave markers for pets can do.

While grave markers for pets can be erected in pet cemeteries, they can also very easily be placed unobtrusively in your garden. These stones or plaques are typically very simple, but you will also find that there are some which are very elaborate as well. It is all about choosing a stone that will suit your beloved animal companion and which will suit your needs as well. The markers available are varied, and all you need to do is to find one that feels right. 

When you want simple, it doesn’t get much more basic than an engraved stone. An engraved stone looks very handsome in your garden, and it neither stands out nor blends in. Much like the animal that you loved, it simply becomes a part of the setting. It integrates seamlessly and it also creates a presence in the garden that was not there before.

Consider what you want to have engraved on your marker. Grave markers for pets are often engraved with the animal’s name and the dates of its birth and death, but you can get more elaborate than that. You can have an inscription put on the stone, and some services will even engrave an image on the stone as well. Choose words and images that remind you of the fun days you spent with your pet. Think about the good days, whether they are from the beginning of your relationship with your pet or the sadder ones at the end. It all adds up to a rich experience that made your life better. 

If you are invested in remembering your pet, consider how a lovely marker can help you. Not only does it remind you of your pet, it can also help you and your family come to terms with the grief from losing a beloved friend.