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Headstones for Dogs

Dogs are often called man’s best friend, and if you have known the deep and abiding love that goes with having a loyal dog in your life, you know how true this is! Whether your dog was one hundred percent purebred or a shelter mutt that won your heart, it left a hole in your life when it passed. We all know that our beloved canine companions are never with us long enough, and it can be difficult to deal with the grief when they go. This is where choosing great headstones for dogs comes in.

Headstones for dogs take many different forms. In some cases, they are much like headstones for people, only in miniature. They can be made of stone, of resin or of wood, and they can be personalized to the animal to which they are dedicated. Some headstones are plaques that sit flush to the ground, while others sit up proudly. Still others are simple engraved stones, which are very suitable for a down-to-earth family that had a down-to-earth dog.

When you are considering headstones for dogs, you may be wondering what would have suited your canine friend best. Think about the qualities of your dog that made it stand out. Was it a dog that you had to befriend over time, or did it come into your life bouncing with love? Was it an eternal clown, or did it only give you a patient look when you were clowning around? Choose a headstone that suits your dog’s nature.

There are also many things you can have inscribed on the stone itself. For instance, a very classic choice is the dog’s name and the years of its life. This is very basic and it is a good choice for a dog who was rather reserved. Was there a quote that you feel exemplified your dog’s life, or a nickname that suited the dog better than its real name? These are things that can help you decide how you want to remember your dog in stone.

Headstones for dogs are one way that we can honor our pets’ contributions to our lives. They can help you mourn, and they can help you remember. Choose a headstone that makes you think of your pet and which helps you find the bottom of your grief. A good headstone acts as an eternal reminder of your friend’s place in your life.