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Memorial Stones for Gardens

Memorial stones for gardens are a great way to celebrate the memory of a beloved pet. Indeed, they can balance the soft green of a garden and can themselves be works of art and conversation pieces, no less than statuary, ponds, stone benches, fountains or other objects in the garden.

At Say It On Stone Custom Stone Engraving, the stones are gathered from rivers in Colorado, so no one stone is the same size, shape, color or weight. These markers can be engraved with the customer’s own message. These can be simply the name and dates of the loved one, or a saying. The stone can even be carved with a graphic from our gallery to symbolize the soul of the person or pet being commemorated. They can be used as headstones, but they’re less obtrusive or depressing than the sort of headstones or plaques a person would see in a formal cemetery. A garden, after all, celebrates life.

Memorial stones for gardens can be put just about anywhere in the garden. The pet doesn’t necessarily have to be buried on the spot. The markers can be placed beneath a flowering tree like a yoshino cherry. They can be put beneath an old oak tree that’s been on the property for generations, maybe to join other plaques and memorial stones. They can also be part of a rock garden and be planted among other stones and alpine flowers like aubrieta. They can be put near a waterfall. Indeed, they can be put in the waterfall, or in a pond. Water will not wear away the stone or the message engraved into it, at least not for an extremely long time.

Another good thing about memorial stones for gardens is that, unless they really are serving as headstones, they can be moved about the garden depending on the owner’s esthetic considerations and maybe even the time of the year. Even the largest of the stones, which are from 10 to 14 inches wide, don’t weigh so much that they can’t be easily moved. If a stone lies under the blossoming cherry tree in the spring, there’s no reason why it can’t be placed under the brilliantly scarlet maple tree in the fall. It can be moved all around the garden to find that perfect place where the sun falls on it in just the right way.

All in all, memorial stones are lovely reminders of a beloved friend that will endure for ages.