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Memorial Stones for Pets

Memorial stones for pets are great ways to commemorate a companion, friend and family member. Dogs, cats and other pets remove pests, provide security and create an emotional attachment with their owners. Cherished pets increase the quality of human life in so many ways.

"Help with the Grieving Process"

When a pet dies there are so many unresolved emotions. Little children have a tough time coping with the thought of death. How can a pet be here one day and gone another?

After developing a lifelong relationship with your pet, it is tough to let go. You remember all of the wonderful times together. Pets increase the enjoyment of your life. You become happy when you think about the great memories.

Although it is tough to let go, memorial stones for pets bring closure to the grieving process. They provide a healthy way for remembering the good times you shared.

"Marker in the Garden"

Your pet has returned to the earth in a never-ending cycle of birth, life and death. Headstones in the garden would be a great way to mark the location of your pet's grave. These pet plaques show people the areas they should avoid during lawn maintenance.

"Customized Message"

Do you remember how your cat purred on a sunny day or how your dog fetched the stick when you threw it? Pets provide unconditional companionship. Don't they deserve their own burial markers?

Personalized memorial stones for pets are more durable and long-lasting than photographs. They can be customized with name, dates and special events on the engraved headstones. A special message, poem or song can be included for a more personal touch. Classy headstones ensure you will never forget your pet.

"Smooth River Stones"

These memorial stones are hand-picked from Colorado river beds. There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and weights available. The price for the memorial stone is based on the stone size. Remember your unique pet with a unique memorial stone.

Create a personalized grave for your loving pet. Only the best will do for your deceased pet. The stones guard your pet's grave. Memorial stones for pets help with remembering the good times.

Your pet always wanted to be close to you. Keep your pet close to you with commemorative headstones. Personalized pet memorials are wonderful. Free shipping is available.