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Memorials for Pets

While it is never easy to move past the loss of a loved one, memorials for pets can help provide a sense of closure and preserve the memory of your pet in a beautiful fashion. It has been said that pets leave footprints on our hearts, oftentimes making the process of coming to terms with the death of such a dear friend a long and arduous one. While nothing can replace the loss of a cherished companion, memorials for pets are a stylish and durable way to show that while they may be gone, they are never forgotten.
Designed as a celebration of your pets’ unique life, memorials vary greatly in size, shape and type. Customizable mediums allow for nearly endless personalization and options, thus making the process of selecting the most fitting dedication a difficult one. 
While there are many options and factors to be considered when selecting memorials for pets, quality and singularity uniqueness is of utmost importance. As a tribute to the memory and individuality of your pet, the marker selected should reflect both their personality and their deep-rooted impact on your life, making personalized memorial pet stones a fantastic option. 
More compact than a traditional headstone but equally as permanent, personalized pet memorial stones are adorned with your choice of custom text and graphics, making the stones a perfect addition to any garden. Your message is engraved into the stone, creating an enduring marker to the memory of your pet. The memorial stones are as beautiful as they are unique, with each stone varying in size, shape and color. Only high-quality, hand-picked river rocks are used, and a variety of customization options are available to fully personalize your tribute. Like your pet, these stones are truly one of a kind, and a fitting marker to commemorate all that they brought to your life. Additionally, memorial stones offer more portability than a plaque, ensuring that no matter where life may take you, your memorials for pets are able to move with you as a lasting dedication to their unique memory.
Whether displayed in the shade of your pets favorite tree or as part of a flourishing garden, personalized pet memorial stones are a perfect way to preserve your pets’ legacy.