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Pet Burial Markers

As when any family member passes on, pet owners have a wide variety of options in pet burial markers. Purchasing pet memorial markers provides pet owners with the opportunity to honor a valued part of their families. Pets provide comfort and companionship and it is fitting to honor them when they have passed on. 

In the past when pets died owners could bury them in unmarked graves or create rough markers. Often they used plain stones or crudely made homemade crosses. These markers were often temporary. Today pet owners have the option of purchasing custom designed burial markers for their pets. These are designed to provide a lasting memorial to a treasured family member and a place for pet owners to grieve.

Traditional pet burial markers include personalized garden stones, plaques, upright headstones, crosses, and many other markers. Each of these is available in a variety of materials such as granite, wood, and slate. Pet owners can also choose pet memorial markers that are beneficial to the environment. These often have unique designs and can be personalized to reflect the personality of the pet they honor. Because pet owners wish to honor the memory of their pet, stone is often the material of choice for markers. In addition to its durability, stone is environmentally friendly making it the perfect choice for both traditionally minded and environmentally conscious pet owners.

Pet burial markers come in a variety of prices reflecting the size and complexity of the design. Larger markers come at a higher price than smaller markers. Pet memorial markers with intricate designs are worth more than simple memorial markers. Often the number of words the owner wishes to inscribe on the marker will affect the price. The time it takes to craft the perfect burial marker and the materials used directly affect the cost of the finished marker. 

Whether pet owners choose to bury their departed pets in pet cemeteries or in their gardens, appropriate burial markers provide a lasting sign of affection and give pet owners a place to grieve. Pets are more than animals who live with people. They are family.