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Other than time, few things can make the pain of losing a beloved pet easier to bear, but placing pet grave markers in your garden to commemorate the lives of your devoted companions can help you manage grief and keep warm memories within reach. 

Pets simply don’t live long enough. This is something any lifelong animal lover knows all too well. Their lives are short, but by giving unconditional love and trust, they help us to live longer and healthier lives. When they have left this world, the grief can be more powerful than you expect. Human loved ones are honored with memorial markers. When pets die, pet grave markers serve the same purpose. 

Providing a resting place at a familiar location is one option that you don’t have when a human dies. To visit a deceased relative or friend, you must usually drive to a cemetery. A line of headstones certainly doesn’t represent the life of a person you loved. When you can visit your pet in your own back yard among the trees or in the grass where they once played, the memories can me more vivid.

A physical reminder of a pet’s life can help small children to cope with the loss and the comprehension of death. Losing a pet is often a child’s first experience with death, and it can leave a lasting impression. If the incident is simply brushed over and the child is encouraged not to experience the loss, it can be very confusing and painful. Pet grave markers provide a way to help them accept the finality of death while still honoring and appreciating the animal they shared their life with. 

Pet grave markers can be made in the form of small stones or plaques so that they do not take up much room or disturb the atmosphere of your outdoor space. The name of the pet, birth and death dates and even a customized message or image can be engraved onto the marker. For an affordable price, your pet's memory can be properly honored and kept close to home.

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