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Pet Grave Stones

When choosing pet grave stones, there is much to consider before making that final choice. Whether you just suffered the loss of that special friend or know the time is drawing near, the right headstone can help the grieving process. You know how wonderful your four-legged friend is and you want to memorialize him in the best way you can. As your pet lives on in your heart, his grave stone will be a tangible testament of your love for him.

Memorial stones, such as you see here, are a simple, yet elegant way to honor your pet and can be used as a marker for the burial site or as an ornamental piece elsewhere in your garden or in your home. They can serve as a loving reminder of special memories and companionship. They can be displayed as part of a memorial garden or shrine in your home.

These pet grave stones are real river rock from the river beds of Colorado. Each can be custom engraved with your message and one graphic of your choosing. No two stones are alike and each one has its own unique characteristics to make your pet's headstone or plaque special. Add a beloved quote or a simple message of love. Reflect on the life of your pet and the great times you shared. 

You can choose a small, medium, large, or extra large marker, depending on what you would like to have engraved on the stone. For a small stone you can have your pet's name engraved with one graphic. For the extra large stone you are able to have up to four lines of text and a graphic.

These stones can be placed anywhere and will endure through the most extreme weather year after year. They are deeply engraved and because they are not manufactured from plastic or other man-made products, they are heavy and durable. Just like those special memories, your stone's engraving will not fade over time.

There is no easy way to go about making those final arrangements for a pet who has passed away or will pass away soon. Choosing pet grave stones can be made easier with these beautiful markers. Think about what you want to say and immortalize it in stone. The love and memories your special friend gave you will always live on in your heart and you know he will never be forgotten.