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Pet Headstone

When you adopt a pet he or she quickly becomes part of the family, and when they pass they can be remembered forever with a pet headstone. From vacations to laughter and special holiday memories, an animal companion is a true best friend in every sense. Whether your fur baby is a cat, dog or a rat, their passing is always heartbreaking. A beloved pet deserves a proper burial and a customized marker is the perfect way to remember them. 

When a companion animal passes over The Rainbow Bridge, the entire family often feels the sadness of your beloved one leaving the Earth. There are only so many ways to keep the memory of your pet alive, and a pet headstone is a choice that will last decades.

People often opt to have their pets cremated or do something else with the body. A burial can be a more personal way to remember someone special. If you own your property, then it’s perfectly safe and legal to bury Fido in the backyard garden. 

Making a special pet memorial garden is a great idea for families that adopt and rescue a lot of pets. Customized stones can be placed over their burial locations. You can choose special words for the pet headstone in sizes up to 14 inches wide. Riverbed rocks are as unique as your pet, and they are excellent as special markers in your garden. 

Planting flowers and small trees around the pet cemetery will make the area special and sweet. A pond is a great idea for the garden as well. This is an even better idea if you have children, so they can easily visit the garden when they are missing their friend that has left the Earth. 

Memorial plaques can say anything you want them to say. Whether you want to mention what a good service dog your pet was, or how playful your beloved kitty was, a plaque will be a permanent impression of that very special animal. A special graphic can be added, such as a butterfly or a tennis ball. It is up to you when you make the order. Choose a special headstone that will be a lasting memory.