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A pet brings so much light and laughter to your life, and it can be hard to cope when all of that is gone. If you have recently lost an animal companion, you will find that you need to mourn. However, while there are prescribed methods for mourning people, there are fewer for pet owners who miss a beloved companion. This is where pet headstones can come into play.

Pet headstones are typically not like conventional human headstones. They tend to be smaller, and they tend to have a homier feel. While they can definitely be placed in a pet cemetery, they are frequently simply placed in the garden or in any other place where the pet enjoyed itself.

When you are looking into choosing a pet headstone for your beloved deceased companion, take a moment to consider what your pet was like. Do you want a serious inscription for a no-nonsense cat, or do you prefer more lighthearted inscription for a truly clownish dog? What would best suit your beloved pet?

Pet headstones can be greatly personalized. For example, you can leave yours plain and only choose to inscribe the pet’s name on it, or you can choose to have a quote from a favorite book or poem put on it. You may also choose to have an accompanying image engraved on the stone. can even carve an image of your pets breed on the stone’s surface.

Think about your pet and how you can best commemorate its passing. While dogs and cats are certainly the most common animals to receive headstones, they are far from the only ones.

Choose a headstone that reminds you of your pet. Whether you leave it mostly bare, or you decorate it with a number of different designs and quotes, you will find that it can help you get through this rough time. It acts as both a reminder and a memorial.

There is no rule that says that you cannot mourn an animal deeply. Do not try to deny your grief or your genuine emotion at your companion’s passing. Consider how a headstone can help you remember something that was a large part of your life.

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