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Our pets are a precious part of our families and lives. They embody all the elements that true family members share: love, loyalty and an important part of our daily lives. When they pass on, the pain can be as sharp and lasting as any family member's passing. To help get through the pain and to create a lasting visual reminder of the love shared, many families recognize the healing benefits of pet memorial garden stones.

Our pet memorial garden stones are designed to ensure that your beloved pet is memorialized tastefully, reflective of your eternal love and tragic loss. While headstones are a wonderful way to mark your pet's burial spot, and plaques are a respectful way to honor your pet's passing, our pet memorial garden stones are something else. These are sweet reminders that you may place in your garden where your pet played or enjoyed walking with you. They can be placed on your patio or even displayed on a bookshelf or other place of prominence in your home.

We feature several sizes to accommodate any budget. We know how important your pet was and how significant a strong visual tribute on your own property can be. Our stones are designed with that in mind. They give your family a way to have closure and still connect spiritually with your pet each day.

We utilize high quality river stones hand picked from river beds right here in Colorado and then engraved with your choice of text to last a lifetime. The size, shape, weight and color will vary because they are natural stones just as nature created them. The result is a unique, beautiful memorial stone, one you'll proudly display and enjoy seeing.

Our prices are not based on the amount of text you want, but rather on the size. You can add whatever loving tribute that will fit. The extra nice thing about a memorial stone is you can ship it to a family member who has moved. They can have their own treasured memorial in their yard or home. Truly a unique item, this will be a cherished family heirloom.

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