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Cat Memorial Stone

Have you recently lost a cat companion that enriched your life? Many people are uncertain how they feel about cats at first, but after the first time a cute bundle of fluff falls asleep in their laps, they are completely sold. Cats have a reputation for being aloof and unapproachable, but as any doting cat owner will tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. Cats love their families in a way that is different from dogs, but the love is there, and the loss is real when they pass on. A cat memorial stone is a good way to commemorate your pet and also to deal with their loss.

A cat memorial stone is typically a fairly small and discreet affair, and this is something that suits the personality of many cats. These stones are typically flat and polished, and then they are engraved with the owner’s choice of words or images. While this does sound very plain, you can choose several things that allow you to make it very personal and very dedicated to your feline companion that has passed on.

The most common thing to place on a cat memorial stone is the cat’s name. Think about your cat’s name and why you chose it. Did the cat come with the name, or was it the choice of a young child in your family? Did the cat suit its name? Even if a cat had a given name, many owners choose to place a nickname on the stone as well. 

You may also choose to place a quotation on the stone. As long as there is room on the stone, the inscription can be as long as you want. Was there any phrase that you used to call the cat, or was there a quote in your mind that summed up your cat’s life? This is something that can make big difference to the look of the stone, so think about what you want to have engraved there.

The key to a good memorial stone is that it should be personal. Your cat was like no other cat in the world and it needs a stone that is purely unique. Consider what kind of stone you want to dedicate to your cat and remember that this is something that is meant to help you as well as immortalize your beloved cat companion.